ESD antistatic CLEANTEX clothes provide protection for electrostatic sensitive components to protect them from the electrostatic discharge and electrostatic fields. When producing or manipulating with electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDS) they could be damaged. The clothes are applied in so called EPA rooms which follow their specifications and standards. Our ESD antistatic clothes take electrostatic charge away from the worker’s body surface to prevent electrostatic discharge and damage of produced components. CLEANTEX products are certified according to EN 61340-5-1 standard. This standard specifies resistance measurement (between two points) with specified temperature and relative environment humidity. They also meet ANSI/ESD 20.20-2007 standard requirements (if requested).

The attest for materials is not sufficient so completed clothes are certified. The antistatic fibre type is very important. Only endless antistatic fibres based on polyamide or polyester are used for CLEANTEX clothes. These fibres do not break off, do not fray and do not fall off to the working environment. That happens with metal fibres which are not endless. When maintaining or mechanic usage of clothes the fibres parts break off and contaminate electrostatically sensitive components. That causes bridging and short circuit of sensitive circuits.

ESD CLEANTEX clothes characteristics:

low charging when using, even when the relative humidity is low (12% r.h.)
excellent values of surface resistance, even when washed repeatedly (even after 50 cycles of maintenance)
functional conductivity even through needled seams
excellent physiological comfort for the user
We provide ESD clothes and complete equipment for EPA rooms. The equipment for the workers earthing includes: shoes, gloves and earthing components. The equipment for workplace include antistatic pads and mats, grounding points, transferable service sets, detergents, wipers, testers, wrapping material etc.